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Let us bring your vision to life

We're passionate about celebrating weddings that reflect the unique personalities and love stories of each couple. We Love those who embrace their individuality while choosing to honor their love in ways that resonate deeply with them.

Your love story is uniquely yours, and we're here to help you bring it to life in the most memorable way possible. Let's create the wedding of your dreams and take you right back to every moment you shared on that special day.

If you would like to know more about packages and prices then please click the button below and I will promptly respond with our brochure and all the details you need.

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Kls wedding films owner, Tony

Capturing Timeless Love Stories through Cinematic FILMMAKING...

Hello there! I'm Tony, a passionate Scottish wedding videographer dedicated to turning your special moments into cherished memories. 

As a true romantic at heart, I thrive on weaving the unique love stories of couples into captivating visual narratives. My goal is to capture not only the events but also the emotions, the laughter, the tears, and the candid moments that make your day truly unique.

Every couple is distinct, and I believe your wedding film should reflect that. I take a personalized approach to each project, getting to know you and your vision. From the quiet, intimate moments during preparation to the grand celebration on the dance floor, our team will be there to discreetly capture it all. 

Turning the raw footage we capture into a cinematic masterpiece is where the magic truly happens. I consider myself an artist when it comes to editing, carefully selecting the perfect shots, curating the soundtrack, and enhancing colors to craft a film that resonates with your unique story.

Yes, it will have the kls wedding films style but your input is vital in shaping the final product, and I'm here to listen to your preferences and ideas. Let's work together to make your wedding film an authentic representation of your love and a timeless feature that will last.  

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We were lucky enough to have KLS shoot our destination wedding in Portugal and what an amazing job they done! We originally had a videographer booked over there but when I came across the KLS Instagram and saw their work I knew that was more the style that we wanted and was so glad to find out they done destination weddings. Neither of us are great in front of the camera so wanted more natural footage of the day which was captured perfectly and for the more posed parts (which we’re so glad we have as they turned out amazing) Tony guided us whilst having a bit of a laugh and making us feel at ease. For the most part of the day you wouldn’t have known the cameras were there. Tony was so professional from the first contact through to receiving our final videos and we can’t recommend KLS enough.

Beth & Jordan - Portugal | Monte Das Oliveiras



  • Why should we hire a wedding videographer?
    Many Couples, have discovered a common regret not having their wedding professionally filmed. The wedding day unfolds in a whirlwind, with numerous beautiful moments that may be missed amid the excitement. From the intimate moments of your partner getting ready to the interactions between guests, family, and friends, and the lively scenes on the dance floor during the late-night celebration, these fleeting moments can become a blur. Opting for professional wedding videography allows you to transform your entire wedding story into a cinematic masterpiece. Each element of your special day can be beautifully captured, providing you with a timeless keepsake to relish and revisit. The emotional vows, laughter, and joyous celebrations can be experienced over and over again, offering a comprehensive and vivid portrayal of the love and happiness that surrounded your wedding. Having your wedding professionally filmed not only preserves the memories for yourself but also enables you to share the magic of your special day with generations to come.
  • Tell me about your style of filming?
    I hold a strong belief that my role is to create a film that encapsulates the essence of your day without making the day revolve around the film itself. My approach is centered on allowing the events of your day to unfold organically, capturing the genuine magic as it happens. During key moments, like your couple shoot, I may offer simple directions to encourage natural movements, as static shots often lack the dynamic appeal that video can showcase. However, for the most part, I strive to let you immerse yourself in the moment, ensuring you spend your day with loved ones rather than focusing on the filmmaking process. Occasionally, I may suggest ideal positions for aesthetic or lighting purposes. I am committed to avoiding unnecessary retakes, my aim is to document authentic moments as they occur in real time. While I'm not invisible or a mere observer—far from it—I approach my work with a friendly demeanor. I enjoy sharing laughs and interacting with you and your guests throughout the day. Why? Because fostering a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere not only makes my job more fulfilling but also eases any camera-related awkwardness, bringing out genuine smiles, fun, and laughter, resulting in a more vibrant and authentic wedding film.
  • When does your coverage start & finish?
    My packages are designed to offer comprehensive coverage, spanning from the excitement of morning preparations to the lively moments on the dance floor extending about an hour after the first dance. My commitment is to encapsulate your day exactly as you wish to remember it. This entails capturing every significant detail, emotion, and celebration from the intimate morning preparations to the joyous dance floor festivities. I aim to create a visual narrative that allows you to relive each cherished moment, ensuring that the essence of your entire day is beautifully preserved in your wedding film.
  • What areas do you cover and will there be mileage costs?
    We will film anywhere in the world. We are based in Glasgow, but traveling was always my own first love before I started KLS. Anything over 50 miles will incur a small fuel cost.
  • How many cameras do you bring?
    We use very small 4k cinema cameras to be as discreet and unobtrusive as we can. It's a hard skill to master but we try and capture all the little smiles, lol moments, tears, hugs, silly dances from a distance using long lenses. Its more authentic when there isn't a camera in 2 or 3 yards from your face. We usually film handheld for a big part of the day which makes it easier for us to get the natural reactions we want.
  • Are you insured? Drone, public liability?
    Yes, we are insured at 5 million public liability insurance. We use drone cover insurance from job to job also. We have all current licences for drone usage also so we can have permission to fly anywhere really.
  • How long does the full feature film usually take to complete?
    We do spend a lot of time colour grading footage and doing audio design to give the film that polished finish. Turnaround time for trailers is always 2 weeks after your big day and final feature will be within 12 weeks.

Still have questions? 

If you would like more information, pricing or to enquire about my availability please get in touch

wedding couple shoot on the beach in scotland

+ kind words

"KLS wedding films were fantastic! On the day they made us feel so relaxed and it honestly was like they weren’t there because of their subtle technique to capture the day whilst not getting in the way. This was a key thing for us and they done it perfectly. The video caught every precious moment and truley captured just how special the day was! From our first married kiss, the exchanging of vows, speeches and first dance, everything was done so well and professionally. It’s something we will share, love and cherish forever. We can’t thank you enough! " Mr & Mrs Hill


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